manufactures the

world’s lightest, smallest, most effective metallic catalytic converter substrates, which improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and smokestacks utilizing a unique and proprietary “herringbone” technology developed by Delphi/GM. Our metallic substrates also double as flame/spark arrestors and reduce sound equivalent to a muffler.

ACAT Herringbone Pattern

ACAT's unique and proprietary metallic catalytic converter technology outperforms all other catalytic converter technologies on the market today.



    + Reduced Back Pressure

    + Greater Thermal Stability

    + Superior Lightoff Performance

    + Improved Conversion Efficiency

    + Reduced Size/Thickness

    + Increased Longevity

    + More Compact Packaging

    + Infinite Array of Packaging

    + Shapes/Size

  • COST

    + Increased Longevity/Durability

    + Up to 30% Less Raw Material per Unit

    + Up to 33.3% Less Wash Coat

    + Reduced Precious Metals Cost

    + Highly Automated Manufacturing Process

    + Lowest Production Cost per Unit


    + Highly Automated Manufacturing Process

    + Superior Sound Attenuation – Replaces Muffler