Big Daddy Don Garlits Endorses ACAT


No name is more synonymous with powerful Mopars than the legendary drag racer Big Daddy Don Garlits.  He started his relationship with Chrysler in 1958 and it continues up through today.  Don’s racing career has spanned 6 decades and it comes as no surprise that he was voted the number one driver over the past 50 years by the National Hot Rod Association.  Additionally, Don’s infamous Swamp Rat 13 has been on display this year in Milwaukee at the Harley Davidson Museum.  Harley selected the SW 13 dragster because it was the transition car that brought on the rear engine design.

Big Daddy continues to wrench on classic muscle cars as well as dragsters and he even hits the track from time to time in his 2011 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.  ACAT recently traveled to Ocala Florida and sat down with Don to discuss street legal performance.

“Catalytic converters have done a great deal to help the planet by reducing the emissions that come screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-11-06-40-amout the tailpipe and ACAT has one of the finest converters on the market”, Don said.  When asked what he likes about ACAT, Big Daddy replied, “It’s made right here in the USA.  It’s not some Chinese crap that’s brought over here and half-assed put together. This design flows more freely with less backpressure.  It increases the horsepower to the engine, get’s better gas mileage, is street legal, and is tough as nails.”

Don acknowledges that today it is important to make street legal power and that it’s no longer necessary to sacrifice emissions for performance.  ACAT has 20 years of development behind the proprietary Metallic Herringbone substrate technology that lies at the heart of its high performance catalytic converters.

CatsIf you are seeking to replace your OEM or aftermarket catalytic converters because of ineffectiveness or desired enhanced performance, ACAT offers a high quality competitive solution you can depend on.  The 5-inch round units are available in both 2.5 and 3-inch inlet/outlet options.  You or your exhaust shop can determine the ideal converter size best for your intended use.

These Federal universal cats are not legal for sale, installation or use with licensed vehicles in California or other states that have adopted California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission requirements.  However, we are developing products for CARB approval.

For more information and to buy our 5-inch round universals visit.

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