Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

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DOCs – Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

Patented new technology from ACAT significantly reduces the use of platinum group metals (PGMs) in DOCs.

As a result, OEMs, aftermarket and retrofit system manufacturers will benefit with lower costs on PGMs for vehicle catalysts on diesel engines while complying with stringent EPA emissions regulations.

ACAT’s unique and proprietary mixed-metal oxide chemical structure takes advantage of low-cost metals to synergize the activity of a small amount of PGM.

As a result, it enables the diesel oxidation catalysts to perform at a level equal to – or better than – conventional DOCs that employ much higher loads of PGMs.

Initial tests confirm this ACAT breakthrough. They prove our new synergized-platinum group metals display a significant reduction in the amount of PGM need to manufacture DOCs for both light- and heavy-duty diesel engines in comparison to a competitor’s OEM catalyst product.