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GM Truck/SUV 6.2L V8 Testing

Following on the heels of our stellar performance with the 6.2L Chevrolet Camaro SS, we’ve been looking forward to testing our cats on GM’s 6.2L in a truck/SUV to see what kind of results we could achieve, especially with fuel economy.  The GM truck 6.2L V8 can be found in the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Yukon Denali as well as the Cadillac Escalade.

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-4-48-28-pmFor our test we selected a 2009 Cadillac Escalade all-wheel-drive.  And since the exhaust tubing diameter is 2.5 inches, we opted to install our 2.5-inch Inlet/Outlet 5-inch round universal 6.2L Metallic Herringbone catalytic converters.

Our focus with this test was on fuel efficiency.  With that said, because of our high-flow smaller catalyst design, it’s reasonable to state that power will at the very least match OEM and, depending on the truck application, may increase horsepower and torque by up to 10-20 at the wheels.

Big trucks and SUVs are notorious gas-guzzlers as a result of poor aerodynamics and heavy weight.  So any gains in MPG would be a huge win.  As soon as the oval OE cats were removed and our high performance cats were installed we hit the road to measure fuel economy.

CatsTo say the least, we were pleased with what we found.  The stock Escalade recorded 17.1 MPG Highway on our test run.   On the exact same course and driving conditions, the ACAT equipped vehicle delivered an astonishing 19.5 MPG or a +14% improvement.

Additionally, it should be noted, in this test, a check engine related OBD II MIL light did not turn on.


If you are seeking to replace your OEM or aftermarket catalytic converters because of ineffectiveness or desired enhanced performance, ACAT offers a high quality competitive solution you can depend on.  The 5-inch round units are available in both 2.5 and 3-inch inlet/outlet options.  You or your exhaust shop can determine the ideal converter size best for your intended use.

These Federal universal cats are not legal for sale, installation or use with licensed vehicles in California or other states that have adopted California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission requirements.  However, we are developing products for CARB approval.

For more information and to buy our 5-inch round universals visit.

5 Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5 Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5 Inch Round Universal Catalytic Converter 3.00 Inch Inlet & Outlet - AC S5394-16X-300

5 Inch Round Universal Catalytic Converter 3.00 Inch Inlet & Outlet

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