LS 6.2L GM Testing – 2.5 Inch Inlet/Outlet Universal Cats

13063331_1163548173677235_553762609771633747_oChevy’s LS 6.2L V8 is one of the best motors available and has found its way into several General Motors cars, trucks and SUV’s over the years. So when we got our hands on a 2011 Camaro SS 6.2L, we couldn’t wait to see how we would improve performance. We were not disappointed.


The Camaro we tested was totally stock with the exception of Flowmaster mufflers. When we ran the baseline power tests, we were impressed that the Camaro laid down 387.87 HP and 379.81 FT-LB at the rear wheels. However, when we installed our proprietary Metallic Herringbone 5 inch round, 2.5 inch Inlet/Outlet, Universal Converters we made substantially more power.

Believe it or not we, were able to pick up a whopping +15.42 horsepower and +9.27 foot pounds of Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.30.29 PMtorque at the wheels (403.29 HP/389.08 FT-LB).  And as we’ve seen in all our tests, performance was increased beyond just power.  We also improved MPG, delivered superior emission reduction, while retaining OEM durability.


The secret to our outperformance is found in our exclusive Metallic Heringbone substrate design. Our cats force the exhaust gasses through a “turbulent maze”, which increases the catalyst’s surface area and more efficiently controls emissions. Our catalytic converters can be smaller/lighter and constructed with lower cells per square inch (CPSI), substantially improving flow and reducing backpressure. ACAT’s design also reduces noise vibration and harshness (NVH). This means mufflers can be much smaller or eliminated all together. Smaller mufflers or no mufflers, result in even better flow, even less backpressure and even more weight reduction.

CatsWe offer the 5” round units in both 2.50 inch and 3.00 inch inlet/outlet options. You or your exhaust man can discuss the ideal size and placement of the converters best for your intended use.

These Federal universal cats are not legal for sale, installation or use with licensed vehicles in California or other states that have adopted California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission requirements.  However, we are developing direct fit units and will be seeking CARB approval on them.  Additionally, we will be releasing performance headers, mufflers and total exhaust systems for GM vehicles soon.  And we will announce certification and new product releases ASAP.

For more information and to buy our 5” Round Universals visit

5 Inch Round Universal Catalytic Converter 2.5 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5-Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 3.0 Inch Inlet/Outlet Part#AC-s5394-16X-300 $289.95/Each

5 Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5-Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet/Outlet Part#AC-S5394-16X-250 $289.95/Each

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