Exhaust Flow Rate

backpressure converters monitoring

Exhaust Flow Rate

Both sets of converters were designed for aftermarket certifications using the Ford F250 6.2L truck and 11,000 lbs GVWR. All substrates were wash-coated with equal wash-coat density and the same precious metal loading.

  • Back pressure of the ceramic substrates (in a converter) is twice the back pressure of the metal substrate at 100 ft3/minute flow rate.
  • The metal substrate has 27% more substrate volume than the ceramic substrate.
  • The diameters are 4.67” for the metal and 3.67” for the ceramic substrates.

Metal substrate 4.67” dia. x 3.94” long, 250 HB pattern, 67.48 in3 volume

Ceramic substrate 3.67” dia. X 5.0” long, 400/6.5, 52.58 in3 volume