Testing High Performance Universal Cats On The 2016 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8

At the heart of every ACAT catalytic converter is our Proprietary Herringbone Metallic Substrate Technology. This catalyst design is better than anything else ever invented. This is a bold statement, but it is true.

CatsThe Herringbone monolith forces exhaust gasses through a “turbulent maze” that increases the catalyst’s surface area and controls emissions more efficiently. As a result our catalytic converters can be smaller/lighter and constructed with lower cells per square inch (CPSI).  This substantially improves flow and reduced backpressure. ACAT’s design reduces noise vibration and harshness (NVH), which means mufflers can be much smaller or eliminated all together. Smaller mufflers or no mufflers, result in even better flow, even less backpressure and even more weight reduction.

ACAT-Universal-Cat-Subtrate-FamilyAnother advantage of our Herringbone substrates is that they can be constructed in shapes unthinkable with traditional catalysts. We can manufacture circular, triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal and even octagonal prisms as well as pyramids and cones. Our catalyst’s also light off quicker, so they can be placed further away from the motor. On top of all that, by using the 3M Interam® Mat 1600 HTE Series Non-Intumescent mat mount material, shell exteriors are cooled from -300°F to -400°F, versus competitive products, allowing our cats to be placed in locations otherwise unfeasible.

The whole ACAT team is thrilled about our new high performance 5” round universal catalytic converters. We’ve had a blast testing them on our 2016 Mustang GT 5.0. On Facebook we have posted a bit about our results…and Blue Oval enthusiasts seem almost as exited as we are.

We offer the 5” round units in both 2.50 inch and 3.00 inch inlet/outlet options. We’ve seen the best results with the 3.0 on the ’16 GT. We’ve also experimented with different placement of the Acat-Mustang-3units, ranging from installing them in the exhaust manifold to simply swapping out them out in the stock location to putting them much further down the exhaust system and eliminating the mufflers. In every case, the Dynojet dyno has revealed increases in horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. You or your exhaust man can determine the ideal placement for intended use.

Acat-MustangIn addition to significant power gains, we picked up MPG.   We certainly look forward to seeing what the market reports back to us, but on our test mule we saw a gain of 3 miles per gallon on the highway when we placed our catalytic converters in the stock location. The MPG jumped from 25 to 28, that’s a 12% boost and we are quite proud of these results.

Improvements are across the board delivering Total Performance. What’s especially nice about Acat-Mustang-2these 5″ round univerals is that they meet the EPA’s emission reduction requirements for up to 6.2 liters and gross vehicle weight of up to 11,000 pounds. What this means is that not only do they substantially outperform the 5.0’s OEM emissions reduction, but our converters also fit a wide array of cars and trucks. You can be sure that as we test them on different vehicles, we will report the results.

These Federal universal cats are not legal for sale, installation or use with licensed vehicles in Acat-Mustang-4California or other states that have adopted California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission requirements. However, we are developing direct fit units and will be seeking CARB approval on them. Additionally, we will be releasing performance headers, mufflers and total exhaust systems for the Mustang soon. We will announce certification and new product releases ASAP.

For more information and to buy our 5” Round Universals visit ACATGlobal.com

5 Inch Round Universal Catalytic Converter 2.5 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5-Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 3.0 Inch Inlet/Outlet Part#AC-s5394-16X-300 $289.95/Each

5 Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet & Outlet

5-Inch Round Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter 2.50 Inch Inlet/Outlet Part#AC-S5394-16X-250 $289.95/Each





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